Turnkey Solutions for Water Treatment

Our mission is to offer the best water treatment solutions in Southern Africa
Why Dynamic Aqua Technologies

We offer a range of water treatment solutions managed by a highly skilled team of professionals.

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Our Water Treatment Solutions and Services


Boiler Water Treatment

Our boiler water services include pre treatment, sludge conditioning, online descaling and more.


Cooling Tower Water Treatment

We provide anti-scale and corrosion treatment, biocide treatment and other relates services.


Closed Loop Water Treatment

Corrosion inhibition, biocide, cleaning and passivation can all be managed by our experienced service team.


Effluent Water Treatment

We offer a range of coagulants and flocculants, pH correction and on-site operators as well as plant design for effluent water treatment and wastewater management services.


Raw Water Treatment

At Dynamic Aqua Technologies we specialise in raw water treatment services including disinfection, clarification, filtration and pH correction.

In addition to our application specific services we also provide new equipment installations and upgrades.
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Are your cooling towers scaled OR do you battle with heat transfer?

Scale deposition is a fundamental problem in cooling water systems. Scale interferes with heat transfer by forming an insulating barrier on heat exchange surfaces. Scale also promotes corrosion, restricts water flow and increases water consumption.

Proud Member of Association of Water Technologies

The Association of Water Technologies (AWT) is the international water treatment association representing over 500 companies that specialise in applying water treatments for industrial and commercial cooling and heating systems.