Maintenance, Installations & Upgrades

All our equipment is manufactured in-house to the highest standards possible. We do not compromise on quality. We are a turnkey water treatment solutions company providing start to end solutions including technical repairs and equipment installations.

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Our Solutions and Services

We offer a range of water treatment solutions managed by a highly skilled team of professionals. From water cooling tower water treatment and boiler water treatment to new equipment installations and upgrades.

Boiler Water Treatment
Cooling Tower Water Treatment
Closed Loop Water Treatment
Effluent and Raw Water Treatment
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When last did you analyse your drinking water and are your tanks clean of microbiological growth and safe for human consumption?

Potable water is the water that humans consume for drinking purposes. If the water is contaminated, it can lead to diseases causing unnecessary altercations and even worse a law suit.

Proud Member of Association of Water Technologies

The Association of Water Technologies (AWT) is the international water treatment association representing over 500 companies that specialise in applying water treatments for industrial and commercial cooling and heating systems.